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Sunday, January 31, 2010

More Lame Brain Movie Reviews

Another week of working, watching movies, drooling, and trying to get my life back, is in the books. I'd thought I'd start the new week with some reviews of the past week's flicks. This week I am reviewing two new movies and one old classic, well, I think it's a classic, anyways. Those three movies include the newest from George Clooney, Up In The Air, the latest from Robert Downey Jr., Sherlock Holmes, and an oldie but goodie from the man himself, Tom Cruise, Days Of Thunder.

The other night Aimee and I got into our chill clothes- slippers, old sweat pants and comfy thrift store tees, and watched Up In The Air. The film is about a career man who spends his days traveling through the country's airports, accruing frequent flyer miles and joining every reward program there is. When he's not traveling, Clooney's character is firing people, that's what he does for a living. Three years ago I had something in common with Clooney. Not that I fired people for a living, but I spent most of my week in airports and hotels working for some engineering firm. Well, I wasn't much of an engineer but I did get wrapped up in the rewards program. I would bypass the long lines and head straight for the rental car, or to the reservation desk. I didn't do it because I liked seeing the faces on those waiting patiently in line, I did it because it made me feel important. It's strange what happens to you when you travel all of the time.

Now back to the movie. Clooney's character likes the road, better than he does his home. That said, the story is a coming of age story for middle aged, career minded people. I won't give it away, but Clooney has a change of heart. And while the story is a bit predictable, the movie, the writing, the acting is all strong. Clooney got me once again. Out of a possible four damaged neurons, I give this film a total of three damaged neurons.

Next up, is Sherlock Holmes. We invited some friends over, had a few beers and put the newest Downey Jr. film on. It starts quick, typical Guy Ritchie fashion. It starts with a fight, typical Guy Ritchie fashion. It had quick dialog, again, typical Ritchie fashion. At times, at least for the recently brain damaged, the dialog was too quick and hard to keep up with. The fight scenes were a bit overdone. I thought there were too many fight scenes. I'd rather see the gumshoe in Sherlock not the half-naked badass. In all, the plot was good, the writing had some witty banter, and Downey Jr. showed up, as did Jude Law. This was enjoyable. I give this film two and three quarter damaged neurons. The review would have been much higher if they weren't talking so fast. I mean I have brain damage, a little bit rude and inconsiderate I would say.

Lastly, an oldie but goodie. After taking Artie for a little hike, we came home and just chilled for a while. Nothing was on the TV, I didn't want to read, or do much of anything. Days Of Thunder was on and, I don't know, every time this damn movie is on, I have to watch it. I must have seen this feel good fast speed flick a hundred times, it was obvious, when Cole Trickle was in the pit, I started to scream, 'go, go go' timing it perfectly with Cruise. Part of the reason I like this movie so much is how cheesy and lame it is, how it is Top Gun for rednecks. The other reason, I love the names they used. Cole Trickle? Rowdy Burns? Russ Wheeler? How funny can they get. It sounds strange but I give this movie three and a half damaged neurons, almost perfect. Every time I watch this, the emotions race through me, my smile speeds across my face and I head for the weiner's circle. That's right, weiner's circle, not winner's circle.

So there you have it. My week in movie reviews. Stay tuned. Up this week; It's Complicated, The Box, and Crazy Heart.

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