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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Political Stupor

I'm unsure if I am still in a daze from the Bush years, or, if my recent near-death experience left me completely disillusioned about politics. All I know is I'm numb. I watched Obama's State of the Union speech last week, everyday at lunch I get my news from watching the Daily Show. Nothing has changed during the past year. I am starting to see that change is not something we can believe in, it never has been.

When I studied history in college, I read Democracy in America by Alexei de Tocqueville. In it, the Frenchman implied that the founders of the country didn't want change to come easy. They wanted to make it nearly impossible. Look at all of the big changes throughout our country's history. Look at Civil Rights, Women's Suffrage, slavery and one can begin to see Tocqeuville's managed to see the real constitution, long before any of those issues came to fruition. Look at what it took for any change to come.

I have to admit, I was convinced that Obama might be able to right the sinking ship. I got caught up in the election. I realize that my hatred for Bush got the best of me. But ever since waking up from the coma, I can't see much of a point behind politics. I can't make out much of a difference between the elephant and the donkey. Unfortunately, besides the difference in intellect between our former president and Obama, there's not much else that has changed and I'm realizing that it doesn't really matter. They both have their talking points, they both pander to their parties. This is the way things are and this is how it will remain. I'm getting sick of hearing pundits rant about the issues. The issues will always be there. There is never a short supply of issues. There is a shortage of solutions. I now realize that nothing can be done. We are leaning too far to right the sinking ship.

It's nice to know that my inner depression is now looking at the bigger picture, however bleak it may be.

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