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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Houses of the Doey

I've been absent for a bit from this blog. There's been some getting used to the prescription-drug free life. We have also been busy looking to buy a home.

Two weeks ago we decided to call the bank for a home-loan. A few days later we went to see this house in San Diego. One day later we submitted an offer.

Yesterday as we were climbing up the Grapevine outside of LA in 90 degree weather, headed for a camping trip in the Sierras, we got the call from our realtor.

"Doe (my nickname), we got the house," Aimee said before licking a bead of sweat from the top of her lip.


"We got the house!"

"I think I'm gonna cry," I said. I did- I now have the emotions of a female a few days before the menstrual cycle begins.

For the next four hours, on our way to Shaver Lake, we talked about the house, about how our luck may be changing. We were so thrilled with the news, that the small puddle of oil that formed underneath the van in the grocery store parking lot barely even fazed us.


  1. OOoooh! I just read this! Congrats congrats congrats you guys. I'm glad to hear that your luck turned around. I think maybe you left your bad luck here in Austin :) Since you left we've had two major car repairs and this purchasing a home thing has been a nightmare.

    We miss you guys. You'll be glad to hear that we now have three roommates - we moved into a room in a girls apartment because our lease was up and our house still isn't ours. So ... there's two people in the other room - I have no idea what there names are - and a guy that rents the couch (we call him big brian - and he's 40). Oh, and there's three dogs. Don't you wish you were here?

    Seriously though, we miss you. And when Eric was tellng us about his visit with you guys I was really jealous. We could really use a vacay right about now. When are you closing on your house? If you guys close before us, I'm gonna crap my pants.

    Love, Meg

  2. The house looks so perfect... Weeeeeeeee

  3. Perfect! Congrats from drowning Berlin.

  4. First time visiting this blog by way of the "Next Blog" button I never noticed before. Love what I am seeing :) Congratulations on your home! I have enjoyed my visit and will click "Follow" now! Take care! - j.