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Saturday, October 17, 2009


For a person that has spent the last three and a half weeks in a coma, I awoke today feeling refreshed. I was quick witted and perceptive. The swelling in my brain had subsided.

The whole day was spent in this condition. During Speech Therapy, where I was told I had been given a 2 out of 7 on my level of "Insight," by an older volunteeer in a white lab coat, the news didn't have much impact.

During Physical therapy when I was unable to balance in beginning Yoga positiions, my mind didn't waiver.

Things did change, however, when Aimee called the hospital to request an overnight pass as I sat motionless in my home during a visit, watching the baseball playoffs with my older brother and mom. Aimee thought staying at home would be easier and more enjoyable for me. She was right.

Naturally, the Filipino nurse immediatley rejected our request.

"The docor will not issue an overnight pass," said the nurse in thick accent.

The same doctor that since becoming my doctor, four days prior, had visited me once briefly, for just over ten minutes. The same doctor that didn't know my name, my occupation, nor my medical condition.

The incident was further evidence of the bureaucracy at Alvarado Hospital. Since admittance, I have not been properly evaluated, nor have I been given instructions on my injury, a prognosis, nothing. Money and insurance rules this place. So much so, the patient is only an obstacle, and a nag. Well this patient is much more...

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